About Us

Who is your first point of contact?

Marc Jacobson is your first point of contact.

What do you get?

Honesty, reliability and meticulous attention to detail.

With our years of pool experience in Simi Valley and Westlake Village and our complete list of pool services, Pool Service Simi Valley is convinced that you will never again need to thumb through phone books looking for a pool company at the last minute but will be happy to use our "one-stop-shop" of pool services and maintenance.

Why the Preferred Choice?

Marc Jacobson limits the number of clients in order to satisfy the demands of discerning swimmers who like a clean pool to enjoy year-round. If you've ever been hassled by pool service technicians who give you the run-around and only show up when they want to, give Marc a call and tell him what you expect... If you just want a cheap pool-man to stop by and sweep a little, net out some leaves, dump a little chlorine and bill you a small fee every month... Sorry, your not for us. Anyone else can do that.

County Health Department Licensed and Certified Pool Technician #T5308. We carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

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Services Overview

Weekly Pool Service

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Forecloseure Pools

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Equipment Repair and Replacement

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Salt Water Systems

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New Pool Start-ups

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