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Weekly Pool Cleaning includes:

  • Backwash filter if needed
  • Check and adjust water chemistry
  • Skim pool surface, vacuum pool bottom when necessary, brush pool walls and tile
  • Empty all baskets (skimmer, pump, leaf catchers)
  • Check and inspect all equipment

Weekly Service:
A thorough once a week cleaning of your pool or spa. It includes skimming of the top, vacuuming the bottom, emptying out the pump and skimmer baskets, balancing out the chemicals that make your pool water clear and brushing the walls of the pool. Call us for a free estimate.

Clean up on foreclosure pools (and others)

Equipment repair:
Having heater trouble? Pump motors getting noisy? We can keep your existing equipment in good repair in most cases, call for a free estimate.

Equipment replacement:
Is your old equipment an energy hog costing you big bucks to run? Might be time for a new one.. Learn about the most efficient equipment that can save you money and provide years of reliable service.

Heater repair and replace:
We service and install top of the line heater systems. Call for a free estimate

Plumbing repair:
Leaks are bad. Even small ones. Faulty pipes that leak water mean high water bills. Save your money. Get them fixed now.

Filter service:
Can you see the bottom of your pool in HD? Maybe your filter needs attention. A clean filter is a happy pool and saves electricity!

Acid wash:
No, this isn't a 60's thing... A light fresh rinse can brighten a pool like vibrant lighting to a dark home... Contact us for a free inspection.

New pool or new plaster start-ups:
The first 90 days can make the difference of years of comfortable surfaces on your feet enhancing the enjoyment of your pool parties.

Salt water systems:
Is this a fashion statement are there benefits? Learn more about salt water systems and if they are the right choice for you.

Black Algae removal:
Yuck... Who wants this stuff anyway? This procedure can take from two days to two weeks to clear-up depending on how severe the problem is, with no need of changing the water. We shock your pool with high levels of chlorine and algaecides to kill the algae in your pool, and vacuum the dead algae to leave your pool clean and harm free.

Commercial pool service:
Keep your systems safe and in compliance.

Services Overview

Weekly Pool Service

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Forecloseure Pools

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Equipment Repair and Replacement

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Salt Water Systems

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New Pool Start-ups

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